If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to help your kids master the complexities of math, you’ll love diving into Boddle’s unique gaming platform. Here, math turns into fun challenges, and learning tasks turn into exciting games. Let’s learn more about how Boddle is changing the way we learn and capturing the hearts of students and teachers!

What is Boddle?

Boddle is an interactive 3D game that gets kids excited and motivated to learn and practice math! Used by thousands of schools, teachers, parents, and students, Boddle has proven effective in providing young students with adaptive and personalized learning environments that support their academic growth and success. This article will walk you through how Boddle combines play and education, what math games are available on the Boddle platform, how Boddle can be useful for teachers and schools, and how to access and use Boddle in the classroom.

Play and learn with Boddle: an innovative approach to teaching math

Combining play and education: why Boddle is so appealing to children

Boddle turns math into serious fun. Your students will have a lot of fun learning at home and at school! They will be able to immerse themselves in an exciting 3D world where they will help cute creatures, the Boddles, escape from the evil Robot Chief. As they progress through the game’s various levels, they’ll solve math problems, develop their skills and knowledge, and earn rewards and achievements. By playing Boddle, children not only increase their interest in math, but also develop their logic, critical thinking, memory, and concentration.

The Boddle role model: creating positive learning experiences in math

Boddle not only makes math fun, but also creates a positive learning experience for children. In Boddle, each child can choose their own character-a boddle-who will be their role model and play helper. Boddles are diverse and lovable creatures who have their own personalities, interests, and abilities. They help children feel comfortable and confident in their abilities and inspire them to achieve their goals.

Boddle and Math Learning

Interactive math games on the Boddle platform

Boddle is an interactive 3D math game that keeps kids having fun and motivates them to learn and practice math. Boddle offers a variety of play activities tailored to each child’s age and skill level. By playing Boddle, children develop their logical, analytical, and creative skills as well as build their confidence.

Learning standards-based play activities: how Boddle supports the learning process

Boddle not only entertains children, but also helps them learn math curriculum material. The games in Boddle are based on the curriculum standards for grades 1 through 6 and meet the criteria for quality education. Boddle allows children to learn a variety of math topics such as arithmetic, geometry, algebra, fractions, fractions, and more. Boddle also supports differentiated instruction, automatically adjusting to each child’s needs.

Boddle as a tool for teachers and schools

Boddle LMS: a convenient platform for managing and tracking learning progress

Boddle is not only useful for children, but also for teachers and schools. Boddle gives teachers access to an LMS (learning management system) where they can create assignments, track their students’ progress in real time, and easily identify and address knowledge gaps. Boddle also allows teachers to integrate the game into their curriculum and use it as an additional or alternative way to test knowledge.

Boddle reviews: positive feedback from teachers and parents about the platform

Boddle has received a lot of positive feedback from teachers and parents who use the platform to teach math. Teachers report that Boddle saves them time, increases student engagement and motivation, and promotes 21st century skills.

Accessibility and Use of Boddle

Free access and paid options on the Boddle platform

The Boddle platform offers free access to basic features such as creating a class, adding students, choosing a math level and topic, and viewing student progress and achievement reports. Free access allows you to use Boddle in your classroom without time or student limitations.

However, if you want to expand the capabilities of the Boddle platform and gain access to additional features such as personalized learning, individual development plans, more detailed analytics, expert support, and other benefits, you can choose one of the paid options. Paid options on the Boddle platform include:

Premium Teacher Subscription: $9.99 per month or $99 per year per teacher. This option gives you full access to all the features of the Boddle platform for all your classes and students.
Premium Subscription for Schools: $499 per year per school. This option gives you full access to all features of the Boddle platform for all teachers and students in your school.
Premium Subscription for Families: $4.99 per month or $49 per year per family. This option gives you full access to all the features of the Boddle platform for all the children in your family.

You can choose any of these options on the Boddle website or in the Boddle app for iOS or Android.

How to get a classroom code to use Boddle in your classroom

In order to use Boddle in your classroom, you need to get a class code. A class code is a unique identifier for your class on the Boddle platform that allows you to add students, assign tasks, track results, and communicate with students through Boddle.

To get your class code, you need to complete the following steps:

– Register on the Boddle website or in the Boddle iOS or Android app as a teacher.
– Create a class on the Boddle platform, specifying class name, subject, and grade level.
– Copy the class code from “My Class” on the Boddle platform.
– Share the class code with your students via email, message, or other means of communication.
– Ask students to go to the Boddle website or download the Boddle app and enter the class code in the “Join the Classroom” field.
– Begin learning through interactive games and assignments on the Boddle platform.

Answers to Questions about Boddle

What is boddle learning?

Boddle learning is a 3D math game for children in grades K through 6. It helps them learn with fun and develop confidence in their knowledge. Teachers and parents can create assignments, track progress, and easily address learning gaps with automated reports.

When was boddle created?

Boddle was created in 2018 by a team of three brothers, Edwin, Clarence and Andrew Oluokun. They wanted to make education more interesting and accessible to all children.

How do you spell boddle correctly?

Boddle is spelled with two d’s and one l. This word was invented by the creators of the game, combining the words bottle (bottle) and doodle (doodle). They wanted to show that just like a bottle is filled with content, your head is filled with knowledge.

Is there a free version of Boddle for learning?

Yes, there is. Boddle is an interactive 3D math game that is available for free for teachers, parents and students to use. You can create a free account at https://www.boddlelearning.com/ or in the Boddle app for iOS or Android.

How do I access Boddle and start playing?

To access Boddle, you need to register online at https://www.boddlelearning.com/ or in the Boddle app for iOS or Android. You can sign in with Google or Clever, or create your own username and password. Once you register, you can choose a teacher, parent, or student role and start playing.

What are the reviews of Boddle and how does it help students?

Boddle has received many positive reviews from teachers, parents, and students who use it to teach and practice math. Boddle helps students increase interest and motivation in math, as well as closing knowledge gaps and improving results. Boddle adapts to each student’s individual needs and offers assignments and videos on relevant topics. Teachers and parents can track students’ progress with real reports and create individualized assignments for them.


In summary, Boddle is an innovative educational platform that allows teachers and students to effectively use game-based elements for learning and assessment. Boddle offers adaptive math and English assignments for elementary school that automatically adjust to each student’s level and needs. Boddle also provides teachers with powerful tools to monitor and analyze student progress in real time. Boddle helps increase motivation and interest in learning, and reduces the burden on teachers.