Undraw is an open source library of vector illustrations that you can use for free in commercial and non-commercial projects. This library provides a huge selection of illustrations on various topics that can be used in web design, presentations, marketing materials and more.

In this article we’ll talk about what Undraw is and how you can use it in web design.

Introduction to Undraw and its features in web design.

Undraw was created as an alternative to traditional stock photos, which are often boring and hackneyed. The Undraw illustrations are modern, bright and attractive visual content that helps to add a unique style to your website or project.

One of the main features of Undraw is that all illustrations are in vector format, which means that they can be easily modified, edited and scaled without any loss of quality. This is especially important for web design, where different monitor sizes and resolutions can lead to different visual effects.

Undraw also provides the ability to select illustrations in different themes and styles, making it a versatile resource for all types of projects.

Undraw in detail: features and benefits

Undraw basics and its key features

Undraw is a free vector illustration library that can be used in web design, presentations, social media and other projects. Undraw contains more than 1000 SVG illustrations which can be easily modified, customized and used in your projects.

One of the key features of Undraw is that the illustrations are created with simple lines and shapes, which makes them versatile and allows to use them in various projects. Also, all illustrations in the library have an open MIT license, which means that they can be used in commercial projects without restrictions.

The benefits of using Undraw for web design

Using Undraw for web design has many advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. The improvement of visual attractiveness of the site. Using Undraw illustrations can make your site more attractive and interesting to visitors.
  2. Faster design process. Using ready-made illustrations from Undraw library can significantly reduce the time it takes to create your own illustrations.
  3. Versatility and flexibility. Undraw illustrations can be easily customized and modified to fit specific project needs and visual style.
  4. Money saving. Using free illustrations from Undraw’s library allows you to reduce the cost of purchasing expensive images or services of illustrators.

Examples of Undraw sites

Many sites use Undraw illustrations to improve visual design and look more attractive. Here are some of them:

  • Trello (https://trello.com/), a task management service that uses Undraw illustrations to create visual interface elements.
  • GitLab (https://about.gitlab.com/), a web-based code storage and management platform that uses Undraw illustrations to create banners and images on its pages.
  • Firefox Monitor (https://monitor.firefox.com/) – security breach monitoring service, uses Undraw illustrations to visualize information and create a clear interface.
  • Grammarly (https://www.grammarly.com/) – grammar and spell checker, uses Undraw illustrations to create visual elements on its pages and advertising campaigns.
  • Adobe Blog (https://theblog.adobe.com/) – a blog dedicated to creative technologies and Adobe products, uses Undraw illustrations to create visual elements and visualize information.

These and many other sites use illustrations from the Undraw library to add beauty and interactivity to their design, and to make the interface clearer and more appealing to users.

Undraw and alternatives: how to create illustrations

How to use Undraw in combination with other resources to create visual content.

Undraw is a great resource for getting free vector illustrations that you can use in your projects. However, when it comes to creating unique illustrations, you need to turn to other resources. A few examples of other resources that can be used in conjunction with Undraw:

Canva, an online graphics editor that provides access to free and paid design elements, including illustrations, photos, fonts and other elements.

Freepik – A free web resource with a large collection of vector illustrations, photos, PSD files, icons and more.

Adobe Illustrator is a professional vector graphics editor that allows you to create illustrations of any complexity.

Sketch is a graphic editor that is widely used in UI/UX design to create interfaces and illustrations.

Procreate is a powerful drawing app for iPad that can be used to create high-quality illustrations.

Overview of Alternative Resources and Their Comparison with Undraw

As we mentioned before, Undraw is a great resource for getting free vector illustrations. However, there are other resources on the market that offer similar services. Let’s take a look at some of them.

DrawKit is another resource with free illustrations developed and maintained by James Delgado. DrawKit illustrations are very similar to Undraw illustrations and are also vector-based.

UnDrawn is a new resource that provides access to free vector illustrations. This resource is also analogous to Undraw.

Ouch! – is a platform from Icons8 that provides access to free illustrations as well as paid illustrations that can be purchased individually or as sets.

Flaticon is a platform that provides access to free and paid vector illustrations, icons and other graphic elements. Unlike Undraw, Flaticon has a wider selection of icons and graphic elements.

It is important to note that each of these resources has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of which resource to use depends on individual needs. For example, Undraw and DrawKit provide free vector illustrations with an open license, which can be a good choice for startups or small companies with a limited budget. However, if you need a large collection of icons or other graphic elements, Flaticon might be a better choice.

Undraw and Meaning: communicating messages through illustrations

How Undraw can help to convey meaning in visual content

Visual content is an important part of web design. Each element in a design has a different meaning and can influence the user experience. Illustrations can help convey ideas and messages that may be difficult to understand through text.

Undraw is a library of illustrations that can be used in web design to convey meaning. Undraw illustrations help create visual elements that help users better understand information and create interest in content.

Using Undraw illustrations helps create an emotional connection between the user and the content. This allows more complex ideas, such as concepts, abstract concepts and technical processes, to be communicated in a more comprehensible and accessible way.

Examples of Using Undraw to Reinforce Messages and Increase User Engagement

Examples of using Undraw illustrations to convey meaning include:

  • Websites that use illustrations to convey information about their services. For example, websites that offer website creation services or design services.
  • Websites that use illustrations to emphasize their unique style and personality. Illustrations can help create branding and differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • Websites that use illustrations to convey complex information in a more understandable way. For example, websites that offer services in science, medicine, or technology.
  • Websites that use illustrations to emphasize a topic or content concept. For example, websites that focus on the environment or travel.

Undraw and quality: a commitment to a high standard

How Undraw maintains the high quality of its illustrations

Undraw guarantees the high quality of its illustrations through a carefully thought-out creation process. All illustrations are developed by professional designers and then go through several stages of review and approval to guarantee their quality. Undraw also provides all illustrations in vector format, which ensures the highest possible image quality at any scale.

Another important aspect is the style and design of the illustrations. Undraw has its own unique style that differs from other resources and allows you to create creative and attractive visual content. The style and design of the illustrations also allows emotions and associations to be conveyed, which helps reinforce the message that the designer or developer is trying to convey through the visual content.

How the use of high-quality illustrations can improve the quality of websites

Using high-quality illustrations can greatly improve the quality of websites. High-quality illustrations help create an appealing visual design and capture the attention of users. They can also help convey a specific message or mood, which is an important aspect of web design.

In addition, using high-quality illustrations can improve the user experience because they help improve the perception of information. Users often look at images and illustrations before they start reading text, so high-quality illustrations can help draw attention to important information on a website. They can also help improve the visual hierarchy, allowing the user to navigate the site faster and easier.

To use high-quality illustrations on a website, you don’t have to create them yourself or hire artists. Some resources, such as Undraw, provide access to free, high-quality vector illustrations. This allows designers and website owners to use professionally produced illustrations without the expense of creating them themselves.

Undraw and animation: creating attractive visual content

How to use animation with Undraw illustrations to create engaging visual content

Using animations together with Undraw illustrations allows you to create attractive visual content that attracts users’ attention. For example, animation can be used to highlight important elements in an illustration or to convey a certain mood or emotion.

One example of using animation along with Undraw illustrations could be a progress bar animation. Progress bars are important elements on websites and can be used to display the process of loading a page or performing a certain task. Adding animations to the progress bar, such as color or shape changes, can make it more noticeable and attractive to users.

Examples of using animations to improve the user experience and increase conversions

Using animations on a site can help improve the user experience and increase conversions. For example, animations can be used to prompt the user where important elements on the site, such as buttons or links, are located. This can help users navigate the site faster and reduce errors.

Animations can also be used to create a more interactive user experience. For example, when an element on a page is hovered over, it can change shape or color, making it more noticeable and interesting to users.

Undraw in financial projects: illustrations for credit opportunities and loans

How the use of specialized illustrations can increase customer confidence in financial projects

Financial projects need to be trustworthy and attractive to clients. Specialized illustrations can help achieve this goal because they can convey a specific message and create a unique style.

For example, illustrations related to loans and credit can show the process of obtaining a loan or credit, as well as what kind of loan or credit might be suitable for a client’s specific needs. These illustrations can also help clients better understand the process and feel more confident in making a decision.

Overview of illustrations that can be used in loan options and loans

Undraw offers many illustrations that can be used in financial projects. Some of them can be specifically customized to the topic of credit and loans. For example, the “Credit Score” illustration can be used to show a credit score and the “Loan Application” illustration can be used to show the loan application process.

Other illustrations such as “Online Payment”, “Bank Transfer”, and “Budget” can be used to display financial transactions and processes. These illustrations help visualize complex concepts and processes, which can make the site more accessible and appealing to customers.

Overall, using illustrations from Undraw can help improve the visual design of financial projects and increase customer confidence. They can help create a better user experience and provide better communication between a company and its customers.


Undraw Illustrations is a free set of vector illustrations that can be used in various web design projects. In this article, we looked at how using Undraw illustrations can improve the quality of websites, how creating animated illustrations can create compelling visual content, how specialized illustrations can increase customer confidence in financial projects, and what illustrations can be used in credit features and loans.

Considering Undraw’s Perspectives on the Future of Web Design

Undraw Illustrations is a set of illustrations that can be used in a variety of web design projects, from websites to mobile apps. With the wide range of illustrations in the Undraw set, web designers can easily choose the right illustrations for their projects that will fit their concept and communicate their message.

In the future, the use of illustrations in web design, especially vector illustrations, will become increasingly popular. This is because they help create more engaging and visually interesting content for users. Using Undraw illustrations can also simplify the process of web design because they provide ready-made vector images that can be easily adapted and modified.

Overall, using Undraw illustrations is a great way to improve the visual design of a website and attract more users. With the constant updating of the illustration set and the development of technology in web design, we can expect the use of illustrations to become even more popular and widespread in the future.