In the cryptocurrency world, it is becoming increasingly important to have a reliable and efficient tool to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio and calculate taxes. As the number of users and the volume of transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges grows, it becomes more and more difficult to track your transactions and calculate taxes correctly. In this article, we will look at the Zenledger tool and its importance for cryptocurrency portfolio management and tax calculation.

What is Zenledger?

Zenledger is an online platform for cryptocurrency portfolio management and tax calculation. It provides the user with the ability to automatically collect data about their cryptocurrency transactions from various sources such as exchanges, wallets and blockchain networks. After collecting the data, Zenledger automatically processes it and generates reports on the status of the portfolio and tax liability.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, governments have begun to implement strict rules and requirements for taxing cryptocurrency transactions. Different countries may have different tax regimes, such as income tax, capital investment tax, sales tax, etc. Calculating tax obligations correctly can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially if there is a large volume of transactions.

Therefore, the use of tools such as Zenledger is becoming increasingly important for those working with cryptocurrencies. It allows automatic collection and processing of transaction data, which simplifies the tax calculation process. In addition, Zenledger provides the user with the ability to track the status of their cryptocurrency portfolio, allowing them to manage their assets more effectively.

Overview of Zenledger

A brief description of Zenledger

Zenledger is an online cryptocurrency portfolio management and tax calculation tool. It is a powerful tool that facilitates the complex process of tracking and accounting for cryptocurrency transactions, helping users minimize their tax liability. Zenledger provides users with a wide range of features and tools to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio and allows them to calculate taxes on cryptocurrencies with ease.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Zenledger


  • Ease of use: Zenledger has an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly and easily learn the tool and start using it to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • Cryptocurrency Tax Calculation: Zenledger provides users with functionality to automatically calculate taxes on cryptocurrencies, allowing them to easily determine their tax liability and minimize their tax payments.
  • Integration: Zenledger can be easily integrated with other tools such as TurboTax, making tax filing easy.
  • Security: Zenledger uses a high level of security to protect user privacy and security, making it a safe choice for cryptocurrency portfolio management and tax calculation.


  • Price: Zenledger is not the cheapest tool for managing a cryptocurrency portfolio and calculating taxes, which may be a problem for those looking for more affordable alternatives.
  • Unavailability in some countries: Zenledger is not yet available in some countries, which may be a problem for those who want to use the tool but can’t get it.

Zenledger Features and Capabilities

How to use Zenledger for cryptocurrency portfolio management and tax calculation

Step 1: Sign up for Zenledger and connect your cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.
Step 2: Once you have your wallets and exchanges connected, Zenledger will automatically import all your transactions and create the reports needed to calculate taxes.
Step 3: Check the reports and make sure all transactions are correct and accurate. Zenledger uses machine learning algorithms to automatically classify your transactions, reducing the time it takes to generate reports and reducing possible errors.
Step 4: Generate the reports you need to file your tax return. Zenledger provides all the necessary documents, including income, loss and capital gains reports.

Zenledger integration capabilities with other services and platforms

Zenledger integrates with most cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, allowing you to automatically import all transactions and simplify the tax calculation process.

Zenledger also integrates with other popular services and platforms such as TurboTax and Coinbase, which simplifies the tax filing process and reduces the time spent on the process.

Comparison of Zenledger with other tools vs cointracker, vs koinly, vs turbotax

Zenledger is a tool for cryptocurrency portfolio management and tax calculation. Other such tools include CoinTracker, Koinly and TurboTax.

CoinTracker provides extensive options for tracking cryptocurrency transactions and tax liabilities, but is not as user-friendly as Zenledger and requires higher fees.

Koinly, on the other hand, can be less accurate in calculating taxes and cannot always handle complex transactions.

TurboTax, while a popular tax filing tool, does not have the same advanced cryptocurrency portfolio management capabilities as Zenledger.

So, if you’re looking for a tool to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio and calculate taxes, Zenledger provides extensive features and usability compared to other tools. However, when choosing a tool, it is always advisable to familiarize yourself with the functionality and features of each one.

Zenledger pricing and coupons

Zenledger is one of the best services for cryptocurrency accounting and taxation. It allows you to automatically import transaction history from different exchanges and wallets, as well as generate profit and loss statements, tax forms, and audits. Next, we’ll tell you what pricing options Zenledger offers and how to get a discount or use a coupon when you buy a subscription.

Zenledger Pricing Options

Zenledger offers four subscription plans: Starter, Premier, Executive, and Unlimited. Each plan has different features and limits on the amount of data processed. Here’s a brief overview of each plan:

Starter: costs $149 per year and is suitable for those with up to $20,000 in cryptocurrency turnover per year. This plan allows you to import data from an unlimited number of exchanges and wallets, as well as receive reports on Form 8949 and Schedule D.
Premier: Costs $399 per year and is suitable for those with up to $100,000 in cryptocurrency turnover per year. This plan has all the features of Starter and also allows you to receive reports on TurboTax and TaxAct forms, as well as audits with CPAs.
Executive: costs $799 per year and is suitable for those with up to $1,000,000 in cryptocurrency turnover per year. This plan has all the features of Premier and also allows for FBAR and FATCA reporting, as well as the use of DeFi (decentralized finance).
Unlimited: costs $1499 per year and is suitable for those who have unlimited cryptocurrency turnover per year. This plan has all the features of Executive and also allows you to receive K-1 and 1099-MISC reports, as well as use the NFT (non-exchangeable tokens) feature.

How to get a discount or use a Zenledger coupon

If you want to save money on your Zenledger subscription purchase, you can use one of the following ways:

– Subscribe to the Zenledger newsletter and receive information about special offers and promotions.
– Visit the Zenledger website and find the promo code banner on the home page or in the Pricing section.
– Follow Zenledger on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and find out about new coupons and discounts.
– Join Zenledger’s affiliate program and receive a commission for each referred client.
– Enter the referral code from another Zenledger user when registering and get 10% off the first year’s subscription.

Zenledger reviews and ratings

Zenledger: an overview of rating and reviews on different sites

Next, we’ll look at how Zenledger is rated by users on different platforms and services, as well as what advantages and disadvantages it has.


Trustpilot is one of the most popular sites for reviews of different products and services. Zenledger has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot as of May 2023. Most reviews are positive and praise Zenledger for its ease of use, fast and friendly support service, and accurate and up-to-date data. However, some users complain about the high price, lack of functionality for certain scenarios, and problems with synchronizing some wallets and exchanges.


G2 is a platform for comparing and evaluating different business software products. Zenledger has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on G2 as of May 2023. G2 users praise Zenledger for its quality of support, ease of customization, user-friendly interface, and regulatory compliance. In addition, users say Zenledger helps them save time and money preparing tax reports. Among the disadvantages, users point to the need for better documentation, integration with other services, as well as the possibility of errors in calculations due to the complexity of the cryptocurrency market.


Cryptotaxcalculator is a site for comparing different services for managing cryptocurrency taxes. On Cryptotaxcalculator, Zenledger has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating as of May 2023. The site praises Zenledger for its broad support of cryptocurrencies and exchanges, its ability to choose different profit and loss calculation methods, and its flexibility in choosing its taxation system. However, the site also notes that Zenledger is more expensive than some of its competitors, that it does not support all types of transactions (such as margin trading or staking), and that it can be complicated for those new to cryptocurrency.

Answers to questions about Zenledger

What is zenledger?

Zenledger is the best cryptocurrency tax software. Not only can you create your cryptocurrency tax reports, but you can also track your portfolio of assets. In addition, you can easily contact the support team to get help with any questions. Zenledger supports over 400 exchanges, 7000 token types, 20+ DeFi protocols, NFT ERC-721 and all wallets.

How much is zenledger?

Zenledger offers the best prices in the industry, including a free plan. You can choose the plan that fits your needs and transaction volume. Prices start at $0 for the free plan and go up to $399 for the ZenLedger Unlimited plan.

Is Zen Ledger safe?

Zenledger cares about your privacy and offers two-factor authentication (2FA). All your data is encrypted and stored on secure servers. Zenledger only asks for read-only access to your exchanges and wallets, so you don’t risk losing your funds or keys.

Is coin ledger legit?

Coin ledger is a service for tracking and managing cryptocurrency assets. It allows users to connect their wallets and exchanges, get an overview of their portfolio and generate tax reports. Coin ledger claims that it uses high security and privacy standards and complies with all legal requirements. However, before entrusting your data to any service, it is recommended to do your own research and read the reviews of other users.

Is Koinly safe to use?

Koinly is another service for recording cryptocurrency transactions and taxes. It also supports various wallets and exchanges and provides reports that are compatible with different countries and regions. Koinly states that it does not store any sensitive data, such as private keys or passwords, and encrypts all data on its servers. However, as with coin ledger, users should be careful and check the reputation of the service before using it.

Where is ZenLedger based?

ZenLedger is the third cryptocurrency service we will consider. It also allows you to connect different wallets and exchanges, as well as generate reports for the IRS and other tax authorities. ZenLedger is based in the United States, in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 2017 and has received investments from various venture capital funds. ZenLedger also claims to provide a high level of security and privacy for its clients.

How does Zen ledger work?

ZenLedger is a service for automatically calculating cryptocurrency taxes. It allows you to import transaction data from different platforms and wallets, analyze it against tax rules and generate reports for filing returns.

How do you use ZenLedger?

To use ZenLedger, you need to register on the website and choose the right plan. Then you need to connect your data sources such as exchanges, wallets or blockchains. ZenLedger automatically synchronizes and classifies all transactions. You can then view your tax report and download it in PDF or CSV format.

What does ZenLedger do?

ZenLedger helps users simplify the process of calculating cryptocurrency taxes. It takes into account different types of transactions such as exchanging, selling, buying, gifting, mining or stealing. It also supports different countries and currencies. ZenLedger allows you to track profit and loss for each transaction and for the entire portfolio.


Zenledger is a cryptocurrency portfolio management and tax calculation tool that offers a number of advantages and disadvantages. It can be useful for crypto investors, traders and anyone who wants to optimize their tax calculations.

A brief summary of Zenledger and its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Simple and user-friendly interface;
  • Automatic calculation of tax liabilities and generation of reports;
  • Integration with a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets;
  • Twenty-four-hour user support.


  • The need to pay a subscription fee to use all features;
  • Limited features for users due to the specifics of cryptocurrency operations.

Recommendations for using Zenledger:

  • Use Zenledger for cryptocurrency portfolio management and tax calculation;
  • Explore integration features with other services and platforms to streamline processes;
  • Regularly update your cryptocurrency transactions in the system;
  • Plan your subscription fees to avoid unexpected costs.

Overall, Zenledger is a useful tool for those who are involved in cryptocurrency trading and want to simplify the process of calculating tax liabilities. However, you need to consider its limited features and the cost of using its full functionality.